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He is the Shiney One!

Rants of Lockwood Showslane

Michael "Shiney" "Lockwood" Guy Martinus
14 November
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My name is Michael but people call me Shiney or Lockwood. I have recently graduated from college with a degree in Biochemistry as well as a degree in Art. I love to paint, read, write, draw, go to shows, check out movies, roleplay and just hang with friends. It is my goal to go back to school in either the fall or in the spring so that I can begin my training to become an RN and after that who knows. I might actually fulfill my promise and become a doctor someday and hell even be that surgeon that everyone wants me to be. However, for the moment I am having too much fun just being me and living on my own. In anycase if you would like to know more feel free to drop me a line. I am always up for hearing from old friends or meeting new people.
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